Friday, March 10, 2006

The First Jewish Suicide Bomber

Summary: Lebanese-American Wafa Sultan recently was interviewed on al Jazeera TV. Among other things she stated during the interview that 'No Jew has ever blown himself up in a German restaurant.' Why have there been no jewish suicide bombers? This blog post answers that question.

In the past several years, try as I might, I have never found a news headline that says something like "Jewish Suicide Bomber Kills 10". Why is that? It is because

  1. Judaism has no radical sects that believe in revenge killing
  2. If such a sect existed it would be excoriated by a multitude of Jews
This thought was driven home to me as I watched an interview of an Arab-American woman named Wafa Sultan on al Jazeera TV. (If you would like to watch the archived clip, please go to and search for the word 'sultan'. MEMRI, or the Middle East Media Research Institute gives us a translation of what is going on in the Arab world.)

Ms. Sultan discusses (while being branded a heretic by a man also on the program) the sacrifices the Jews made during the holocaust and how they have subsequently contributed to the betterment of mankind through science. Then she says, in essence 'No Jew has ever blown himself up in a German restaurant. No Jew has ever bombed a church. No Jew has ever protested by killing people.'

There are a lot of good Muslims. I have met some of them. But so few of them stand up and excoriate the radical Wahabi Muslims who try to usurp the Islamic faith through their wanton terroristic revenge. Maybe this is through fear, but it causes more and more people throughout the rest of the world to conclude that Islam must not, therefore, be a religion of peace.

I will be dramatically surprised if I ever hear of a Jewish suicide bomber. Sadly, I would at this point be equally surprised if I DON'T hear of an Islamic suicide bomber.

I hope that I never hear of another suicide bomber from any religion. That would be a first!

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