Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why Kerry Said It

It doesn't surprise me in the least that John Kerry took a swipe a American servicemen and women recently. His experience in the military was one he'd rather forget.

Almost every one of the men that John Kerry served with in Iraq felt that he was a poor excuse for a soldier. Very few if any of the Purple Hearts that he was awarded were deserved. He got out of there as fast as he could. It is my opinion that his only reason for going was so he could later say he had been there. His opinion of the Viet Nam war never changed. He opposed it before he went, while he was there, and after he got home.

Based on that, I'm not surprised that John Kerry recently made the comment to wit that either you are educated, or you serve in Iraq. Mr. Kerry knows he would get almost no respect from American troops if he were still an officer in the US miliary today. That must hurt a bit.

John Kerry is not the first to make an inane comment about the intelligence of American service men and women. When you revile something so badly, and when you are unsatisfied with your own life deep down, you make statements that have no merit.

Everyone in the crowd where John Kerry belittled America's service in Iraq should have booed him--maybe they did, but the video clip I saw didn't give time to see the response.

I agree with President Bush that John Kerry owes us Iraqi veterans an apology. But I don't hold my breath waiting for one. Although, I don't approve of everything President Bush is doing, including the way the war in Iraq is being handled, at least he is not his own number one.

John Kerry's most important person is John Kerry. People who think they are a gift to the world often make stupid comments.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CNN: Reporting the News or Supporting the Terrorists?

It's bad enough that Islamic terrorists videotape their snipers shooting American servicemen and women. It is unconscionable that an American-based news network would televise such propganda.

Recently, CNN received video footage from Islamic terrorist groups that contained scenes of terrorist snipers killing American service personnel. If CNN's own news crews had collected this video footage, then there may have been a way to construe that such footage was newsworthy. But under no circumstances would a reputable news organization take video footage that could never amount to anything other than propaganda and broadcast it.

The clear intent of the terrorists in producing such video is to demoralize the American people and their allies. Interestingly, instances of such video have been produced nearly from the beginning of the war in 2003. Does it make you wonder why CNN would pick now to put such information on the cable airwaves? Not me. It's election season!!!

I have seen terrorist sniper video footage before, found by military friends on the internet. It is nauseating to watch and disgusting to think they would film their debaucheries. I stopped watching after the first few seconds. The snipers and their cohorts chanting demonically over and over "Allahu Akbar, allhu akbar..." repulsed me. God may be great, but he does not countenance the wanton killing of innocents, including American service men and women, whose job it is to help Iraqis achieve peace and liberty.

A man recently called into the Michael Medved radio talk show and informed the host that his son had been killed by a sniper in Iraq some months ago. They were not sure, but it haunted the man, and obviously more so his wife, that they may have seen their son's death on CNN.

CNN is irresponsible. CNN has been caught up in the wave of moral relativity that has caught hold of the masses of people who at first stand for nothing, and then so often come to stand for the wrong thing as they notice the emptiness in their lives caused by being lukewarm.

In this case CNN is not reporting news (everyone knows that American service men and women die nearly daily in the service of the Iraqi and Afghani people). In this case, rather, CNN's major motivation for airing this disgusting footage is to support the terrorists.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Greatest Hits - Volume 1

As I realized that the number of posts on my weblog has reached 100, I thought it might be fun to go back in time and share with you some of my favorites.

I started last December with a post about settling a dispute between two groups of Iraqis, and I wondered whether anyone would ever be interested in reading what I had to write. Actually, I wondered if I would have very much to write about. The statistics aren't great, but they're much better than I ever imagined.

Friday, December 23, 2005
Maybe They Really Do Hate Us...?
Since long before I was assigned to active duty and came to Iraq, the western news organs have been publishing all kinds of negativity about Iraq, including that most Iraqis hate [the US Military] and want us to go home. But [this is not what I have experienced.]

Since so few of them actually hate the military, what is it, if anything that they hate about us? (Actually there is quite a bit...) Read More...

Saturday, December 03, 2005
Which Part of Iraq did al Zarqawi Grow up In?
The answer: he grew up in Jordan. Abu Mousab Al Zarqawi is NOT an Iraqi. So what is he doing here? Many think it would be best if he went home. (Even though the wicked witch is dead, these insights into the mind of a terrorist are still very interesting.) Read More...

Monday, January 02, 2006
America and the Higher Standard
Why is it that there was such a public outcry when the Abu Ghraib scandal erupted in Iraq, but there was little similar dismay at the torture that was a routine part of the Saddam Hussein regime? It is in large part due to expectations. Read More...

Saturday, February 11, 2006
Iraq, Oil Scarcity, and Gas Lines
You wouldn't think that in a country that has a huge oil production potential that there would be gas lines. But there are. Read More...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Do You Speak out Against Oppression?
We shouldn't be surprised that very few in Afghanistan or Iraq spoke out against the treatment of Christian Abdul Rahman. They didn't for the same reason that any group of people doesn't speak out about any important issue--fear of the violent, vocal minority. Read More...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Guantanamo Irony: Part 2

It's not that they're just making a big deal about Guantanamo Bay. It's not just that they're inventing torture that Americans really haven't committed. It's that most of the abuse occurring at Guantanamo is being perpetrated by the detainees.

I wish I had more common sense to realize immediately that a Koran will not fit down a toilet. But I guess in a way, I'm just as ready as Newsweek magazine to chastize Americans for doing something wrong--even when it's not true!!! It took a local radio talk show host to point out the physical impossibility of the thing before I retracted my thought of "Those Guantanamo guards are just the meanest people on earth. After all, it must be true if similar stuff happened at Abu Ghraib"

Allegations of this, that, and the other being perpetrated by the Americans at Guantanamo are based on hearsay and are largely untrue. But what is even worse is that the news media don't spend hardly any time at all highlighting the real violence that is going on there--conducted by the prisoners themselves.
“There is already evidence from Guantanamo that the prisoners there are abusing the guards far worse than any guards have abused these prisoners. Yet our media have no interest in that and have been willing to believe every allegation by these professional terrorists, including the physical absurdity of trying to flush the Koran—or any other book—down a toilet.” —Thomas Sowell
What I've noticed in simple web searches is that in a significant number of instances, stories and pictures purporting to be about Guantanamo torture are either completely about Abu Ghraib, or they are mixtures of innocuous pictures of Guantanamo with pictures indicating torture at Abu Ghraib. What do the so-called Americans who post a lot of these pictures and invent a lot of these stories want? The truth? No. They want to satisfy their lusts by having George W. Bush impeached, and the US Military come home losers.

This is what Guantanamo is all about. Because for the most part, any abuse there is committed by America's enemies. Come to think of it, most reporting done about Guantanamo is done by America's enemies.

Updates to come...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The American Homicide Bomber

Appeasement of terrorism from a significant portion of the American population is bringing home to roost a related phenomenon we until recently would have scarcely thought possible.

In the most recent General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, one of the speakers spoke about members of the LDS Church who have given up their lives for their faith. The thought occurred to me, 'This is what I have been fighting against as a member of the United States military--Muslims who give up their lives for their faith.'

But almost a quickly, a second thought occurred to me. There is a difference here big enough to fill a chasm. No member of the LDS Church has, as far as I know, ever taken the lives of innocent bystanders in an attempt to prove his devotion to his faith. Many fringe Muslims have. Giving one's life for one's faith can be either the noblest of noble acts or the most execrable desecration.

There is no circumstance under which it is moral or warranted to take the lives of innocent people, even when one chooses to give up his or her own life. There are some in America, however, who want to debate this unassailable point, to the detriment and increasing danger of our free society.

Appeasement of terrorism is sympathy for the terrorist, and it contains the seeds of condonement. Those who appease terrorism, whether directly or indirectly, search for justification or meaning behind each suicide attack. In doing so, they glamorize the attacker and his ideology. They attempt to justify the thing for which there can be no justice in any circumstance.

Sympathy for the attacker and glamorization of each suicide attack creates an environment in which copycat killings become more and more likely.

Here is a video clip from a former Muslim woman who has no sympathy for the politicization of Islam and the resulting violence against innocent people. According to her, she receives death threats on a daily basis.

Very few religions condone death threats against people who are not of the same religious opinion. Apparently, Islam is one of them that does. If we don't speak out against such death threats we are appeasers to terrorists. If we don't do everything we can to remove or repel such attacks, we are appeasers to the terrorists.

But now, the concept of suicide killing is becoming all the vogue in America. In just the past week, two such killing sprees have occurred at different schools across the American heartland. A terrorism of the type that we would have never imagined is now among us. Just as Islamic murderers connive and plan in their quest for the greatest mayhem among the least suspecting and innocent of their respective populations, now American
lunatics (such as those recently in Colorado and Pennsylvania) are changing their tactics for maximum sociological effect.

What gave them the idea? A litany of analyses of Islamic suicide bombings--rather than a categorical pronouncement of such attacks as unbecoming of any human being--is now providing fertile ideas to the deranged in American society.

We are in a war against terror. Some, like me, are worried that terrorism will become the norm inside the United States. Others, like many of the leading players in the Democratic Party of the United States, are more worried that we might offend the terrorists by speaking out against their vile practices. In their appeasement, however, they plant ideas in the minds of deranged individuals of all races and religions that suicide attacks can be carried out with bloody success.

And it suddenly appears to be haunting us. It is time for the appeasement of terrorism to stop.