Monday, May 15, 2006

Iraqi Constitution - Preamble

Summary: The Preamble to the Iraq Constitution invokes Iraq's noble heritage, proclaims the greatness of God, and secures liberty to the Iraqi people. It establishes a firm basis for liberty, but does the main text of the Constitution remain true to its premise?
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The beginning of the Preamble to the Iraq Constitution, much like the United States Declaration of Independence, invokes the Creator of earth and man, to whom we owe honor and respect. It traces the lineage of all peoples to the prophet Adam. It reminds us that great leaders, teachers, and discovers from all faiths have walked the gound that is now Iraq.
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God watches over the Iraqi people (Arabs, Kurds, and Turkmen) in both their sufferings (the depredations of Saddam, the terrors of the current insurgency, and the destruction of their lands by the Hussein regime) and their triumphs (the first free elections in their country's history). Iraqis pledge to work together to achieve religious and political harmony and freedom. In this portion of the text, the phrase "just distribution of resources" is troubling, being a possible harbinger of overuse of government power to determine such an outcome.
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The new Iraqi government will be a democratic republic (i.e. the people will be able to vote freely for their governmental representatives). The rule of law will be respected in the treatment of men and women, old and young, and people of all religions equally. The revelations of God and the truths of science and reason will provide a basis for Iraqi law.
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The intentions expressed for the Iraqi people in the Preamble to the Constitution are admirable. The themes of this Preamble are peace, liberty, and equality of opportunity. In most cases, the body of the Iraqi Constitution stays true to the intent of the preamble. In future posts in this series I will discuss the Constitution's strengths and weaknesses, particularly where it secures liberty to the Iraqi people versus where it makes promises that it cannot keep without taking away some of those liberties.
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Matt said...

That's a very decent Preamble. It's similar to ours, but I like how they point out what they've gone through just to arrive at where they are now.