Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ron Paul is Right About Iraq

Rudolph Giuliani claimed after the GOP presidential debate on Fox News that Ron Paul sounded like a Democrat in his response with regard to American foreign policy and the war in Iraq. It doesn't matter which party you come from if your ideas make sense.

Rudolph Giuliani is harboring a deep-seated Republican blind spot when it comes to Jihad and the Middle East. It is that Jihadists would never use the rationale of attacking the United States because of our meddling in Middle Eastern affairs. Of course they would. Ron Paul stated as much in the GOP debate May 15th, and he's right.

I claimed her previously that the main reason we were attacked on our soil is because of the way Jihadists perceive and resent our debauchery. Clearly, however, our foreign policy for the last 50-odd years plays a distinct role in their animosity toward us, as I have written here as well.

Barry Lando's book, Web of Deceit lays the problems of foreign intervention out well. Another excellent book on the subject is After Jihad by Noah Feldman.

I agree with what Ron Paul said in the GOP debate earlier this week. But I'm not sure what to make of it yet, particularly when he said elsewhere that he would "bring our troops home as soon as possible". I wish I knew what "as soon as possible" means to him.

See what I wrote about it on Simple Utah Mormon Politics.

Here's a CNN interview where he talks about it just a bit more:


Anonymous said...

Heyas, i liked your article. Thanks for your hard work in Iraq. I support Dr. Ron Paul wholeheartedly, and please do not take it as an offense that I do not support the war in Iraq - I have a number of friends who have served over there. I have been lucky in that all have returned, although a couple of 'friends of friends' have not. (The soldiers from Troy, Kansas). Ron Paul would bring the troops home probably within a year, and then put them to work actually guarding our nation's borders, rather than sending them overseas.

Hope all finds you well


jbennett1128 (AT) gmail

Susan said...

Yeah, Ron knows where it's at
and what America wants.
This is getting really exciting!!
Watch this video from Austin:
This is Part 1. Part 2 is there
on the page. scroll down.