Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bush as Hitler: An Ode to Springdale Bum

It may be that people disagree with George W. Bush as regards the Iraq war. I happen to. But for anyone to make a comparison between Bush and Hitler reveals in the comparer a daftness beyond description. When one goes further by saying that since Bush is Hitler we must hate the troops, it reveals the purely unthinking essence of the cancerous anti-Bush doctrine.

When the 222nd Field Artillery was deployed to Iraq in 2005 and 2006, we were augmented by members of the 145th Field Artillery. On June 12, we returned the favor. A lot of my good friends are headed for Iraq via Ft. Bliss, Texas.

So it don't sit too good when my friends and I are compared to Adolf Hitler's storm troopers. One may disagree with George Bush's policies as regards the Iraq war, but Bush is not Hitler. Nowhere close. What an inanity then, that "Springdale Bum" says that Bush is Hitler and we are Nazi storm troopers.

A German instructor of mine at Brigham Young University knows what it was like to live in the time of Hitler. He explained to us what it meant to be forced to belong to the Hitler Jugend and how any dissent was punished by disappearance and death. Bush has made several mistakes--but Bush is no Hitler. Springdale Bum wouldn't have lasted a day in 1940's Nazi Germany.

It was with some effort to control my composure when I said goodbye to my good friend and my son's baseball coach last Thursday at his last baseball game. He won't be at the game tonight, because he's on his way to Iraq. As my wife and I walked hand in hand from the ball park to the parking lot a week ago, we knew exactly what he and his wife were going through. And in a big way, we were glad that it was not us going through that torment again.

Here's the pertinent portion of Springdale Bum's comments to the article about the departure of the 145th:

..let me put your "I support the troops but not the war" stance to a test:

I'm a German citizen living in rural Bavaria in 1939 and while I think Hitler is a warmonger and that raping Poland and setting up a puppet government there to exterminate and root out anti-German "insurgents" is very bad, maybe evil, I still support our troops! While what they're doing in that country is probably very wrong and inviting disaster upon our land, by golly they are still OUR boys after all and I SUPPORT 'EM!

My position is that I don't support illegal and unnecessary wars. If I don't support the mission I CAN'T support the troops. The only true way to support the troops is by insisting that they all come back home to our shores immediately. Anything short of that is moral cowardice.

What is moral cowardice is to use a forum that is sure to be read far and wide by family members of the deployed as a knife in the back of all of them as they try to make sense of how they will endure the worries and struggles of the next 14 months without their husbands and daddies.

No matter what you think about their leader, you cannot blame the troops for answering the call of duty. What is moral cowardice is to use such a forum to equate me and my friends with Hitler's nazi thugs.

Yep, Springdale. You are a bum.


rmwarnick said...

I usually refrain from Nazi comparisons myself, however if it fits...

"Support the troops" is the latest in a series of Orwellian Bush slogans. It really means, "support the occupation of Iraq, no matter how unjust and catastrophic."

If the Bush administration actually cared about our soldiers, they wouldn't have started a war of choice in a place where foreign occupations don't end well.

At the very least, they could have found enough body armor and armored vehicles. Or provided adequate medical care to those wounded in combat.

The truth is, Bush is destroying our military. It's the big lie technique, made famous by... wait, his last name begins with "H"... said...

You need to check out the accuracy of the May 15th Prophecy in regards to what is happing in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria and the return of the Hidden Imam

Elizabeth said...

There are some similarities. Hitler consolidated power in the Executive Branch, destroying German democracy. Bush TRIED to consolidate power in the Executive Branch. He didn't succeed because American democratic institutions and Americans' fear of central authority were too strong.

Frank Staheli said...

And THAT is the main reason that you can't compare Bush to Hitler. I agree with both Richard and Elizabeth, that he easily could have become that way if we didn't have democratic institutions. Some of Bush's untoward "successes" would not have happened had the media and members of Congress been more diligent in their duties.

Anonymous said...

to compare bush with hitler is ridiculous. i dont like what bush is doing and i think the war in iraq is wrong. but bush=hitler -> bush=nazi.
i would like to invite everyone, who thinks that, to visit some of this nice cities in the east of germany. there you can meet a lot of nazis. then you will understand, what and how evil they really are.