Saturday, December 01, 2007

Murtha (Graciously?) Admits that the Surge is Working

It was John Murtha's comments over the last couple of years that have caused a great deal of problems for the US military in Iraq. Now that he admits that the surge is working, should he demand our respect? No, but for once he is right.

John Murtha recently went to Baghdad. He had a change of opinion. He now believes the surge is working. I think we would have been better off long ago if he had kept his mouth shut, but now that he is talking, it's good that he's admitting the truth. But he's still suggesting that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan only deserve $50 billion in 2008.

Investor's Business Daily calls it Murtha's "Road to Baghdad" conversion. I wouldn't go that far.
Beyond the embarrassing questions now sure to be asked of Pelosi about Murtha's unexpected flip-flop, and Democrats' crass unreasonableness toward a people who risk their lives to exercise the voting rights we take for granted, there's something bigger for Pelosi, Reid and the Democrats running for president to think about:

Murtha, like so many other high-ranking Democrats in the House and Senate, and those seeking the White House, was "absolutely convinced" that surrender was the only answer in Iraq.
Yes, the surge is working. Deaths are way down. Attacks are way down. Success is starting to bear fruit. But I don't think Murtha's admission that the surge is working is a gracious statement. I'm still waiting to see what else is up his sleeve.


rmwarnick said...

Poor Rep. Murtha can't catch a break. If he tells the truth about what's happening in Iraq, the right calls him a traitor and a coward. If he goes to a bunch of briefings over there and comes back repeating Bush spin, you still don't like him.

Of course, he also said that the Iraqi government has not done anything, which was the ostensible reason we sent five additional combat brigades to Iraq. It was more than we could afford to send and not enough to secure the country.

The strategy was billed as "clear, hold and retain." American troops have done all the clearing and holding. When the drawdown occurs between now and June, the area controlled by the occupation will shrink again.

Frank Staheli said...

We don't like him, because we can't trust him, even when he is right. There must be an ulterior motive.

The national government hasn't done much of anything (but what do you expect after hundreds of years of in-fighting), but the local ones have done a lot. Sunni mosques are open in Shiite areas. Sunni and Shia are manning checkpoints together. They're finally starting to see that peace is more enjoyable the destruction.