Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Blog Site: "The Middle East"

In an effort to understand what is happening in The Middle East, I have started a new and separate web log, which is a compendium of news and commentary from various sources.

My motivation is that I support the ability of any country to exist in peace, including Israel, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and to counter any threats to that peace. In that light, the preponderance of news items referred to on The Middle East blog will be pro-Israel and pro-US, but not all.

I hope the blog can be educational, especially to those who disagree with me.
For those who do disagree with me, I welcome your suggestions as to news and commentary web sites that provide an alternative opinion regarding The Middle East. I hope this process will be educational to me as well.


Aileron said...

A great idea. I will check back often.

BTW, thanks for your service and welcome home!

Flag Gazer said...

I've been reading your new blog - great information sources. Thanks for putting it all in one place for us.