Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Iraq's Economy Makes a Comeback

I'm not sure whether this will come as bad news to people who are against the war in Iraq--I hope not. But to me, it is excellent news. Iraq's economy is surprisingly strong for the violence and other problems the country is having.

In the December 18, 2006 International Edition of Newsweek magazine, we learn that "Iraq's Economy is Booming!".

Cell phones, a few years ago non-existent in Iraq, now number 7.1 million. Despite the destruction of the insurgency, oil revenues are higher than at any time in Iraq's history. More than four times as many private companies exist than during the last days of Saddam.

Sang's Blog lists several of the improvements aided by the US military.

Amir Taheri reports from Um Qasr that in that once almost ghost town, and in 80% of Iraq the economy is improving in leaps and bounds.

judging by the talk in teahouses and the debate in Iraq's new and pluralist media, most people welcome the switch to capitalism and regard it as an exciting adventure.


Rich Warnick said...

The most recent quarterly report on "Measuring Security and Stability in Iraq" was released yesterday by the Pentagon. It's 53 pages of bad news.

Frank Staheli said...


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll try to incorporate the Economic portion of the report into this post as I develop it further.