Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A New Low in Car Bombings

Islamic fundamentalist terrorists have never cared whether children were in the blast zone of one of their car bombs. Why should we be too surprised that children have now for the first time been in the car that was used as the car bomb?

Whenever I participated in foot patrols while I was in Iraq, I had a sense when things were wrong by the fact that there were no children around. If there were children laughing and playing I had--right or wrong--a sense of ease that I wasn't about to be sniped or blown up.

That sense of ease can no longer be trusted.

Most car bombings are simple intimidation tactics, not to intimidate Coalition Forces personnel, but to intimidate Iraqi civilians. Car bombings occur on a regular basis in Iraq because terrorists can see the controversy in America (on their satellite TVs) about whether American forces should or should not stay in Iraq and whether they should be funded by Congress. Another car bombing adds a little more emphasis that the terrorists want us to leave so that they can rule with unrestricted blood and horror.

It's hard to be surprised at the immoral tactics of the Iraqi terrorist insurgency, because the only thing that makes sense is that their tactics are immoral. It is good, however, to be incensed at their cowardice, as I think far too few Americans are, their only focus being that George W. Bush lied to the American people to get American forces into Iraq in the first place.

It's time to be fair in our indignance. Since coming home, I have learned a great deal that frustrates me about the Bush administration's handling of the Iraq war. However, I have never changed my opinion that to kill innocent civilians, Iraqi terrorists are cowards. I would appreciate it if those who are focusing on the sins of George W. Bush would balance their viewpoint by admitting that there is no justification for Iraqi terrorists to indiscriminately kill innocent people.

For the first time (as far as I know), children were inside a vehicle that was used as a car bomb. The two children inside the car were killed along with 3 other innocent bystanders. The two adults in the front seat of the car were able to run from the vehicle before it exploded. They were unharmed. They are pansies.

It's been time for a long time to stop giving the terrorists a free pass, blaming it on the American military presence in Iraq. Hopefully this new reminder will convince many who have looked the other way for far too long.

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