Thursday, March 08, 2007

Serving Iraq on "The Right Balance"

Greg Allen has one of the most thoughtful and provocative radio programs in the United States today. It was my good fortune to be on his show this morning. In the segment (included below), we talked about my service in Iraq and my feelings about how things are going. Greg's show is called The Right Balance. Click the image at right to go to his website.

About 3 or 4 months ago, I began listening to the Accent Radio Network. One of the shows I still listen to in the mornings while getting ready for and driving off to work is
The Right Balance with Greg Allen. I was immediately impressed by the show because it was not bombastic and it interviewed a wide variety of well-spoken and very interesting people. Almost every day I hear on The Right Balance of a web site that I want to check out or a book that I want to read.

A few days ago I e-mailed Greg and told him how much I like his show, and told him a little bit about my service in Iraq. An e-mail conversation ensued, followed by a telephone conversation in which he asked if I would like to be on his show. My only radio experience is having called in to two talk shows in my life, but I decided it would be a fun thing to do.

It was. If you'd like to hear the interview, click on the player below. Check out Greg's show as well. I think you'll be impressed. Then drop him a line and tell him you think he has one of the best radio talk programs in the country. Because he does.


Danny said...

Frank, Great Job! That was good. A couple things that I wanted to say. You mentioned on the show that you were frustrated because of lack of WMDs. Even so, I definitely think that there was a bigger cause: Saddam needed to be removed.
One theory that I have, and can give the Bush Administration credit for, is that they saw that need, and needed an excuse to do so. Now I am not saying that it is OK to make an excuse for something else that may, or may not be true just to get what you want. But Saddam needed to removed.
Now, something else you mentioned, and I might say that I think it could very well possibly be the worst mistake made while in Iraq, is that they disbanded the baath party, thus creating the majority of the insurgency. Which brings us four years later, trying to fix that mistake.
Anyway, I just wanted to give my opinion on what you mentioned in the interview. Again, well done. And I hope that the Americans over there that come in contact with our friends we have made, don't turn things around, but make new friends, and in turn, help make Iraq a better place where the IRAQI Democracy can flourish.

Frank Staheli said...

You're right. Saddam was a madman and needed to be removed if Iraq is ever going to have the freedoms they deserve. Interesting, however, is the fact that Germany, France, etc. and the US gave him a lot of help to build up his power, and they looked the other way when he was committing the atrocities for which he was ultimately ung.

I agree as well that the contacts we and other Americans have had there and the friends we made will be positive developments that will overcome the problems that have been encountered, and that ultimately the Iraqi people will achieve freedom and prosperity.

Danny said...

Frank, that is a good point. The US did help Saddam. Honestly, I never understood that. As you know my dad almost went to DesertStorm. As a kid I always though that Iraq must be a bad enemy if we are fighting them. Eventually in high school we started talking about history and how we have helped Saddam. I never understood that. Although, to me, President Bush is more prideful than it is beneficial; to him or the US. At least he saw that we needed to 'oust' Saddam; and followed through. Where as others, let him stay and kill thousands of innocent people. On the other hand, who knows how many innocent people will die because of the war against the insurgency. But hopefully it will be for a better cause than chemical effects testing, or "just because they are kurds." I don't know that Pres. Bush has ever said anything about past adiministrations helping Saddam, but I know that he hasn't, and that is where I commend him.