Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Iranian Lunacy and the Counterattack Options Available to Us

It is now becoming clear that the Iranian government is a pariah among nations. What's important to remember is that the Iranian people aren't. If, in reaction to the latest smooth move by the Iranian government, we attack Iran with guns and bombs, we will be taking exactly the wrong action.

Kenneth Timmerman was a guest commentator on The Right Balance with Greg Allen this morning, and he reminded us of this looming fact. Timmerman's sources inside Iran state that the kidnapping of the Brits was a carefully planned and coordinated effort. He reports that they are also "trolling" for any Americans they can find in Iran to hold as pawns as well. He also reminded us that many economic options exist for Britain and the world to put the thumb screws to Iran.

For example, forty percent of Iran's gasoline needs are provided from outside the country. Iran has very little refining capacity. It would not be difficult to shut of a significant portion of their resources.

The Iranian people are very pro-American. To attack Iran with military materiel would very likely cause them to turn against us.

Accent Radio Network News reported this morning the reaction of several Iranians to the kidnapping of the British Marines and sailors. Several Iranians were baffled by their government's decision to kidnap the Brits as Iran was not at war with them. Many rank and file Iranians wish their government would release the hostages posthaste.

As it stands, many Iranians are on our side. I hope the Bush administration doesn't go off half cocked again and give them something to hate us for.


Rich Warnick said...

I sympathize with the Brits who were captured, and now are in the process of being released. I also sympathize with the people like David Hicks who were seized by the USA and thrown into prison for five years for no good reason.

May we learn a lesson from the Iranian government's mistake, which they quickly corrected.

Frank Staheli said...

It's a matter of opinion, but I think David Hicks was clearly in Iranian waters.

Dan Gubler said...

Late this evening , it was reported on FOX News that an FBI agent in Iran is missing. My question is, Why was he even there in the first place? The FBI is an investigative service not an intellegence service. Now that Iran has said it would release the hostages, cooler heads seem to have prevailed. Although the posturing by everyone involved was interesting to observe. Hopefully lessons can be learned.

Frank Staheli said...

Sounds like Ken Timmerman might be right. Good point, though--why was he there? Interesting coincidence, or did Iran release the British hostages to provide a smoke screen?