Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Outcome of Collective Guilt Trips

As examples from America and Israel show, the result of national guilt trips is not good. If we'd stop feeling guilty for everything--by the way, stop and look at who's making us feel guilty in the first place (!)--and stand up for our principles, there'd be a lot less violence in the world.

In his column today, Thomas Sowell had this interesting observation.

During the 1960s, the idea spread like wildfire that whatever you were lacking was someone else's fault — society's fault. If you were poor, whether at home or in some Third World country, you were one of the "dispossessed" — even if you had never possessed anything to dispossess you of.

The urban ghetto riots that swept across the country during the 1960s were all blamed on society. This view was formalized in a much-hailed report on urban violence by a national "blue ribbon" commission headed by Gov. Otto Kerner of Illinois.

This sweeping and heady vision made it unnecessary to stoop to anything so mundane as hard facts — which would have included the fact that urban riots struck most often and most violently when and where this collective guilt vision prevailed.

Southern cities, where at that time discrimination and poverty were more pronounced than in the rest of the country, were not nearly as often or as hard-hit as cities outside the South.

Dore Gold made the following note on page 5 of his recent book, The Fight for Jerusalem.

The Palestinians claimed the violence bgan as a spontaneous reaction to Sharon's visit to the temple mount. But Arafat's minister of communications...freely admitted the planned, organized nature of the campaign... "Whoever thinks the Intifada broke out because of the despised Sharon's visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque is wrong," he explained. "The intifada was planned in advance, ever since President Arafat's return from the Camp David negotiations."

Palestinians aren't stupid. They can see someone's weakness when they intend on giving away the farm.

Israel in the summer of 2006 fell victim to public opinion, fueled by bought-and-paid-for Islamists like Juan Cole and al Jazeera. Israelis felt not nearly as much guilt as did the Americans, but the minor Israeli and major American guilt was milked for all its propaganda value by the anti-freemen in cheering the Hizballah troops.

Bullies do this. Packs of wolves exhibit this behavior. People who are in the wrong are emboldened by weak behavior from people who are right. My goodness we have a lot of guilty people in this country. It's ironic that when we stop being able to feel guilt for things that are really wrong, we have a craving to replace it with guilt that is misplaced. Another sad thing is that a lot of the rest of Americans, including such organizations as the Council on American Islamic Relations, are preying on our guilt. Is it any wonder poor excuses for human beings continue to target innocent Iraqi civilians? They salivate at our guilt. And we continue to exhibit it. It is not Bush's fault that people are killing each other in Iraq. Nor is it yours!

It's time to get our butts off our stinky couches, turn off our boob tubes, and start finding out what's really going on in the world today. We need to stop feeling guilty for the things we're doing right, especially when those who have destroyed in their own countries everything we hold dear are the ones making the accusations.

There are things to feel guilty for. Supporting a fledgling democracy is not one of them.


Elizabeth said...

Frank, I'm shocked by this post.

First of all, you made a serious allegation that Juan Cole, a tenured professor at the University of Michigan, is taking bribes. Do you have any evidence of this? If not, you are commiting libel. I would delete this if I were you.

Secondly, if you think the riots of the 60s were about nothing I am wondering what planet you are on. You did hear about the Vietnam war I assume?
It looks like you have zero familiarity with the intense police racism that was directed at black people in the 60s. It's ironic that you keep saying people need to find out the facts. You are having difficulty backing up your allegations and strange analyses with facts.

As for the Palestinians' second Intifada--of course the failure of the Oslo Accords was what set the stage. The Sharon incident was just the last straw. No one's going to start a rebellion based on one idiotic incident.

Frank I really think you are extremely ignorant about history. Can you take some college classes? I think that would be a good use of your time.

Frank Staheli said...


You're shocked because I desecrated your idol. Juan Cole is no more accurate about the middle east than the moon is made of green cheese. Of course I have no evidence of him taking bribes. But his inaccuracies clearly play into the hands of the radical jihadists.

I'm not sure how you assume that I think the riots of the 60's were about nothing. Do you think Mr. Sowell thinks they were about nothing? Do you think that was the point I was trying to make? Read the post more slowly, then.

You clearly did not read the quote from Dore Gold about what Arafat's man said about the 2nd Intifada.


There is a lot of history out there. You know some of it and I know some of it. It'll be interesting to discover which of it is really history. Take away my opinion about Juan Cole, and you at least have to accept the historical viewpoints of (1) a black man who lived through 60's, and (2) an Israeli who was there when the PLO admitted their ulterior motives.

I'm unsure how you can be such an apologist for the Palestinian Arabs, when their leaders are rotten to the core.

Elizabeth said...

Juan Cole isn't my "idol."

Our own leaders are rotten to the core. Israel's leaders are rotten to the core (have you been reading the news reports on all the Israeli officials who've been arrested or resigned in scandals lately?)

The Palestinians revolted because their land was being stolen. Stealing is wrong, regardless of the flaws of the victim. People don't get to steal other peoples' land because of some purported superiority. The only people who seriously thought that, other than the Israelis ("Eretz Israel") have been the Nazis ("Lebensraum").

Frank Staheli said...

I agree with you that our leaders are rotten. Democrat and Republican.

The history that I think is critical for context is more of a long-term nature--Jews have lived in the area of Palestine (specifically Jerusalem) virtually uninterrupted (except for when the Christians wiped them out in one of the Crusades) for over 2000 years. Jews have always been amenable to various forms of worship, and until recently, so were the Muslims. When the Muslims conquered the area in early 700's, they had no problem with the Jews accessing the temple mount. Until recently, Christians practiced the most egregious acts on Jews (not Muslims), especially not allowing them to live in Palestine. Now, however, some Muslims (of the radical variety--Hamas, Fatah, Hizballah, etc.) want to either remove the Jews completely from Palestine or exterminate them.

I have not read about recent Israel scandals. I'll see what I can find about it.

Michael said...

Elizabeth said,

"The Palestinians revolted because their land was being stolen. Stealing is wrong, regardless of the flaws of the victim."

This was never "Palestinian" lands. The name Palestine was designated after the Jews were decimated and run out of their lands. So who stole what, when? Try getting your history straight. Plus, the Jews even prior to WWII were BUYING LAND back, not stealing it. Rich Arabs were selling the desert land away from under the squatters.

"People don't get to steal other peoples' land because of some purported superiority."

Go tell that to the Mohammedeans who destroyed Synagogues and planted their Mosque on top of Temple Mount. This is truly simple history. Country and land is conquered all the time. It just so happens the Arabs conquered Spain, then lost it. You have a problem with Spaniards taking back Spain?

No? Good! Then you should not have a problem with Jews taking back Judah and Jerusalem.

"The only people who seriously thought that, other than the Israelis ("Eretz Israel") have been the Nazis ("Lebensraum")."

Oh please, you show complete ignorance or are simply a liar. The former USSR took over Eastern Europe and all the countries ending in "STAN" after the cold war. Where have you been? Britain colonized the entier world. Germany colonized Africa. Spanish took over South America and Mexico, plus parts of California. China took over Tibet and Mongolia.

Get off your high horse. Israel is simply taking back the land it was run off of by both Roman, Arab and other armies.

Talk about "corrupt politicians" do you seriously think Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda are not corrupt?

The arrogance of your post against Israel are so utterly stifling as to suffocate reality.

Yes, there is war in the past and will continue. Israel will stand and the "corrupt" tyrants who oppress, murder, torture and rape their own people, who try to make Israel fall will all stumble and lose their power.

Get over it. This is not Israels fault. The Arab leadership is some of the most corrupt leadership of the world along with Russia and China communist and mafioso.

Our own leaders and our people in particular are angels compared to most countries. If you ever traveled around the world you would know about blackmarket, bribery and blackmail. It runs rampant thru the Middle East, Russia, China because their societies are all closed, socialist, systems. People in order to survive cheat the systems.

It is pathetic to hear such self flagellation of guilt. We can all try to be better, but wake up, stop the guilt trip and understand the leaders of the corrupt nations are the problem, not America, not Israel.