Friday, April 06, 2007

More Guantanamo Revelations

More revelations are coming from the Guantanamo Bay facility about treatment of prisoners. And it's not pretty. If it's really happening, we should be outraged. But it's hard to tell because there is so much dissimulation when it comes to the facts.

Prisoners tell of being isolated for long periods of time. They speak of being physically abused. They speak of being mentally abused. They speak of having to sleep on stone floors with nothing but thin blankets.

Their torturers were becoming "aggressive and unstable". It became clear to some of them that if they didn't cooperate with their captors, they would not live to see the next day.

Because of such irrational behavior, the prisoners feel forced to admit their guilt, and any pictures of them at all are shown only in rare times of relaxation, when the cameras can catch smiles on their faces.

On at least one occasion, a group of prisoners was lined up along a wall, their heads blindfolded, and the thugs behind them could be heard loading their rifles. Several of this group of prisoners were sure that they were about to be executed.

For acts as despicable as these, the handlers at Guantanamo should be...wait...

Just a sec...

Oh, this happened in Iran? To British hostages?

Well, never mind. It's okay then.

No, it's really not. If someone did this to you, would you think it was okay?

"We had a blindfold and plastic cuffs, hands behind our backs, heads against the wall. Basically there were weapons cocking. Someone, I'm not sure who, someone said, I quote 'lads, lads I think we're going to get executed'."

"After that comment someone was sick and as far as I was concerned he had just had his throat cut."

It's beyond the height of irony that liberals chastise the Bush administration for supposed torture in Guantanamo, but give the Iranian regime a free pass! If it's wrong, it's wrong. It doesn't matter who does it. So let's see, liberals, if you have any integrity.

Call the Iranians out! I dare you.


Rich Warnick said...

Huh? The Iranians clearly violated the Geneva Conventions and the world has condemned them for it. Same as the USA has been condemned.

The only difference I can see is that our government hasn't broken the rule against using prisoners for propaganda purposes.

Frank Staheli said...

Maybe the world has, but I don't get the impression that US liberals have, although I didn't follow the news over the weekend.

Did anyone in Left of Congress or the US media condemn Iran?

Rich Warnick said...

Think Progress has a list of 11 Democratic senators who co-sponsored S. Res. 136, a resolution “expressing the sense of the Senate condemning the seizure by the Government of Iran of 15 British naval personnel in Iraqi territorial waters, and calling for their immediate, safe, and unconditional release.”

y-intercept said...

Unfortunately, Guantanamo stands out as a propaganda blunder on the part of the Bush Administration. The mere fact that we put the prisoners of war in an area outside legal jurisdiction

Yes, it is true the lef twing dominated court system is too stupid to realize that preventing terrorism is a justification for suspending the writ of habeas corpus as written in the constitution: "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it."

Unfortunately, while the administration should do everything with the scope of excutive power to protect the American people, it cannot protect us from the failure of the court system.

Because Guantanamo is perceived as a snubbing of the US legal system, it will be perceived as an act equivalent to the horrid things done by the terrorists.

As much as we want to protect America from terrorists, the only way to protect ourselves for the idiocies of our courts is to let the courts fail while pushing for reform of the courts. The Guantanamo attempt to protect Americans from our courts serves the left wing propaganda and lost an opportunity to push for court reform.