Thursday, April 13, 2006

Never Negotiate With a Terrorist

Summary: If you negotiate with a terrorist, he will make promises, but whenever it is convenient, he will break them. Negotiation with a terrorist gives him undeserved legitimacy. Even a ‘rehabilitated’ terrorist cannot be trusted. Iran is a terrorist nation that supports the Iraq insurgency and that wants to annihilate Israel. This terrorist, like all terrorists, already has his mind made up. What, then, can the purpose of negotiation possibly be?

Iran’s un-popularly elected prime minister, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently claimed that Israel should be “wiped off the map”. He was not the first Iranian government leader to make this statement. Some people may think it’s funny, but I don’t see how. Some people probably think they’re not serious, but I think it is a serious risk not to think so. Some people may claim that Iran could never carry out such a threat. As of yesterday, they have one step to go before they can practice what they preach.

Israel showed remarkable restraint yesterday after Iran announced that it has produced low-grade enriched uranium, saying only that “diplomacy remained the best option…”. I'm not sure I agree. Deep down, I really don't think Israel does either. Admittedly low-grade enriched uranium cannot be used for nuclear weapons. It is, however, the final step before acquiring the ability to produce weapons-grade uranium. Is it clear that Iran has not yet reached its ultimate nuclear goal? I think so.

Iran is the main supporter of terrorists around the globe. It is currently developing relationships with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who is becoming well-known for suppression of dissent in his own country. It financially supports Hamas in Israel. It financially supports Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon. Iran supports the Sunni insurgency in Iraq. Iran supports Muqtada al Sadr and his militias in Iraq. Iran provides the weaponry that is being used by these groups to kill Israelis, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, and Americans. Iran is always looking for more efficient ways to accomplish this task. Nuclear weaponry is a more efficient killing method.

The only possible result of negotiation with such debauchery and full-fledged fraud would be to lend it legitimacy.

Iran abuses its own people. Iran arrests people who speak out against the government. Iran does not have free elections. Iran treats its women like second class citizens. Iran still implements public stonings for adultery and public hangings for crimes much less serious than that. Iranian jailers rape young women, especially if they are virgins, to insure that, under their interpretation of Islam, they would no longer be able to get into heaven because of adultery. Iran, in possession of nuclear weapons, would not be held back in the least by the fact that their nuclear launch would be met with a swift and more destructive response--the mullahs would be safe in their underground bunkers and would have a whole lot less people to repress anyway.

Any nation which repeatedly claims that another country should be wiped off the map is a terrorist nation. Even if an apology is made by that nation, it must be treated as a terrorist nation until legitimate regime change can be externally verified. A regime that even in passing wishes for another nation to be wiped off the map can never again be trusted.

Iran is a terrorist nation. Terrorists are long on rhetoric and short on honesty. Historically, terrorists have broken virtually every negotiated promise when it has suited their purposes.

Despite any controversy regarding any other facet of Islam, there can be no evidence given from the Koran or any of the teachings of Muhammad that it is okay for a government to repress, torture, and rape its own citizens. The mullahs are a fraud, and they know it. But they don’t care, because power is intoxicating.


Papa Ray said...

The President and also the Supreme Leader gave their latest speeches and appear to be very confident.

Persians are said to be very smart and devious, even moreso than the Arabs.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Frank Staheli said...

Papa Ray: Thanks for introducing me to IRNA, a very interesting web site. The question I have now is, do they really believe all that they propagandize. If they study both sides of the issue, which I don't think they do, they couldn't possibly believe it. But somehow we westerners think we need to be magnanimous and listen to their obviously specious arguments. It is Iran (Hizbollah and Hamas) that are making it difficult for the Palestinians, and on purpose.

Elizabeth said...

It's sad that you have racist comments on your blog ("Persians are devious").

The list of nations that have broken promises is long. The U.S. government broke pretty much all of its promises to the Native Americans. Israel broke its promises during the Oslo period, by proceeding to double the number of illegal settlements on Palestinian land over the next 10 years.

It's interesting that you are so concerned about Israel...why, may I ask? The rest of the world is not going to take Israel's side in any conflict with Iran for two reasons: One, Iran has oil; Israel has none. Two, Israel is a major violator of international law, more so than Iran. Americans don't seem to have waken up to these facts. If we don't look out, we are going to be engaged in a World War, because of our meaningless allegiance to Israel, which does not serve our national interests.

As for the funding of Hezbollah and Hamas: Neither is a threat to the U.S.

Frank Staheli said...

Elizabeth, Unfortunately I don't moderate the comments to my blog. I don't agree with the statement that was made about Persians being devious. I do agree with the rest of that statement that they are smart. But I believe we have smart and devious people from every race and nationality, including America. As I am not very knowledgeable on the Israel/Palestine conflict, I would be interested if you could point me (and others reading this blog) to information regarding Israeli violations of the Oslo accords and international law. At a minimum, let me say thanks for your insights and different perspective.