Friday, April 07, 2006

News From The Non-Conformist Media

Summary: Just after I wrote the recent tongue-in-cheek post "Thank Heavens the Media is Honest!" I went out to see if I could find some more reliable news being reported out there. It's out there, but it's not in the usual places. If some news organizations can get the real picture of what's going on in Iraq, why can't the rest?

(This post is developing...check back for updates...)

I thought it might be interesting, after I lambasted the American media in general for their failure to accurately report what's going on in Iraq (not to mention what's going on in the rest of the world), to check around to see what I could find that both reflects what I sense is going on here in Iraq and seems to be professional journalism rather than professional peddling of George-W-Bush hatred.

There are places where you can get news you can trust. (Of course this is my opinion, and your opinion may be that my opinion isn't worth a dime.) At any rate, here is a list of some articles you can look at that paint an accurate picture of what's going on here. You may call me biased, because all of the following links paint a much rosier picture than the American mainstream media, but if you did call me biased, I would say, you're right. I am biased in favor of the truth.

  • Michael Ledeen reports here how immediately following a very successful and warranted raid by Iraqi Forces on Muqtada al Sadr terrorists, people with ties to al Sadr fabricated 'evidence' that American forces had killed several innocents.
  • Ali al-Zahid describes here how noone outside of Iraq could have imagined just how much reconstruction would be necessary to bring Iraq to its feet, that there is now hope for millions of Iraqis, while there used to be none, and that the rising generation of Iraqis shows great promise.
  • Dan Darling shows us here how Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, stated in 2004 that his operatives were aware in 2001 of Saddam Hussein's desire to foist suicide attacks on the United States.
  • Oliver North, who has been embedded with combat troops in Iraq on multiple occasions, discusses the consensus among Iraqi government leaders and US troops that pulling out from Iraq would be a disaster, and that John Kerry is a flaming idiot.
  • More to come...
What I can't figure out is, if these people can get it right, why can't the Washington Post? Why can't the New York Times, except for Dexter Filkins every once in a while?

Do you, the reader, have any ideas? I am just being blindly biased? Let me know what you think. Feel free to post a comment.

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Josh Horneck said...

I like your post of trying to find the true stories. I'd help you find them, but then again, it would then be like the blind trying to help the seeing through the woods. I have no idea what it's like over there, so I wouldn't know fact from fiction. I'd love to be so much more informed about things over there! I haven't read all of the articles that you linked to for lack of time, but I will be back in the coming days as I catch up on you blog, and search for things to include in my letter! Stay safe, and ignore the 'mediatic hooligans'. Hey, I think I just made up a word, how quaint! I think I'll use that in futre posts:).