Sunday, April 16, 2006

News from the Definitely Non-Conformist Media

Summary: Iranian news sources speaking out against Iran are the epitome of non-conformity. Take a look at one that I just came across!

In a previous post I introduced what I hope will become a series on this site: News from the Non-Comformist Media. In this installment I highlight a news source that is the epitome of non-conformity, Rooz online, published by Iranians about Iran. I don’t know where it’s located, but I suspect it’s not Iran, because most (if not all) Iranian internet sites in Iran are filtered, harassed, and punished to death.

What's interesting about many of these sites is that they need only to report what's going on to be considered anti-government.

Here are a few highlights from yesterday’s English translation of Rooz online.

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Matt said...

Yeah, the "reformists" want to reform the current system; they by no means want to go to a democracy. It's interesting, becuase from what I've read, people inside Iran claim none of these exile groups truly represent them whatsoever. This will be a major challenge if we want to make a popular uprising, like in Poland or other Soviet-era states.