Thursday, April 27, 2006

NFNcM - Thank You America

Summary: In this installment of NFNcM (News from the Non-Conformist Media) I'll show you some examples that answer "Yes" to the question "Is the United States seen as a liberator in Iraq?"

There are several instances that show that many Iraqis appreciate the liberation that the United States is helping them achieve. Like usual, it takes a little weeding to get to the important stuff. Here are a couple of examples I have found from the non-conformist media (well, Fox News is fairly non-conformist).

In a recent Fox News story regarding the Iraqi elections, a woman by the name of Betty Dawisha was interviewed. Proudly displaying her purple voting finger, she stated "Anybody who doesn't appreciate what America had done, and President Bush, let them go to hell."

Yesterday, on one of my favorite internet news sites, WorldNetDaily, I read an opinion column by Larry Elder, entitled "Iraq: Were we greeted as 'liberators'?". Along with other examples of the gratefulness many Iraqis have expressed for the United States, Mr. Elder quotes from a card a soldier in Fallujah received from a young boy and his father:
"Thank you George Bush. Thank you American soldiers. Thank you Marines [sic] soldiers. To save us. We are so grateful. Your friend, Ali Ahmed. An Iraqi boy, 9 years old. 2003.4.15 Wedensday [sic]."
The last paragraph in the article is interesting:
According to a November 2005 American Research Group poll, 31 percent of Americans believe their household financial situations will improve over the next year. But, according to a December 2005 ABC News poll, 69 percent of Iraqis expect their lives to improve in the coming year.
For various reasons, which I'm not sure yet if I'm allowed to reveal, today has been a very good day in Iraq, at least for my brigade. Reading heartwarming stories such as the ones I've cataloged above only make my warm smile warmer.

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