Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The American Homicide Bomber

Appeasement of terrorism from a significant portion of the American population is bringing home to roost a related phenomenon we until recently would have scarcely thought possible.

In the most recent General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, one of the speakers spoke about members of the LDS Church who have given up their lives for their faith. The thought occurred to me, 'This is what I have been fighting against as a member of the United States military--Muslims who give up their lives for their faith.'

But almost a quickly, a second thought occurred to me. There is a difference here big enough to fill a chasm. No member of the LDS Church has, as far as I know, ever taken the lives of innocent bystanders in an attempt to prove his devotion to his faith. Many fringe Muslims have. Giving one's life for one's faith can be either the noblest of noble acts or the most execrable desecration.

There is no circumstance under which it is moral or warranted to take the lives of innocent people, even when one chooses to give up his or her own life. There are some in America, however, who want to debate this unassailable point, to the detriment and increasing danger of our free society.

Appeasement of terrorism is sympathy for the terrorist, and it contains the seeds of condonement. Those who appease terrorism, whether directly or indirectly, search for justification or meaning behind each suicide attack. In doing so, they glamorize the attacker and his ideology. They attempt to justify the thing for which there can be no justice in any circumstance.

Sympathy for the attacker and glamorization of each suicide attack creates an environment in which copycat killings become more and more likely.

Here is a video clip from a former Muslim woman who has no sympathy for the politicization of Islam and the resulting violence against innocent people. According to her, she receives death threats on a daily basis.

Very few religions condone death threats against people who are not of the same religious opinion. Apparently, Islam is one of them that does. If we don't speak out against such death threats we are appeasers to terrorists. If we don't do everything we can to remove or repel such attacks, we are appeasers to the terrorists.

But now, the concept of suicide killing is becoming all the vogue in America. In just the past week, two such killing sprees have occurred at different schools across the American heartland. A terrorism of the type that we would have never imagined is now among us. Just as Islamic murderers connive and plan in their quest for the greatest mayhem among the least suspecting and innocent of their respective populations, now American
lunatics (such as those recently in Colorado and Pennsylvania) are changing their tactics for maximum sociological effect.

What gave them the idea? A litany of analyses of Islamic suicide bombings--rather than a categorical pronouncement of such attacks as unbecoming of any human being--is now providing fertile ideas to the deranged in American society.

We are in a war against terror. Some, like me, are worried that terrorism will become the norm inside the United States. Others, like many of the leading players in the Democratic Party of the United States, are more worried that we might offend the terrorists by speaking out against their vile practices. In their appeasement, however, they plant ideas in the minds of deranged individuals of all races and religions that suicide attacks can be carried out with bloody success.

And it suddenly appears to be haunting us. It is time for the appeasement of terrorism to stop.

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Matt said...

"Giving one's life for one's faith can be either the noblest of noble acts or the most execrable desecration." The question ultimately is this, in my opinion. The people we are dealing with who kill in the name of Islam, are they real Muslims or are they choosing bits of the Quran to justify their deeds? I really don't know what to think as I have not read the Quran.