Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why Kerry Said It

It doesn't surprise me in the least that John Kerry took a swipe a American servicemen and women recently. His experience in the military was one he'd rather forget.

Almost every one of the men that John Kerry served with in Iraq felt that he was a poor excuse for a soldier. Very few if any of the Purple Hearts that he was awarded were deserved. He got out of there as fast as he could. It is my opinion that his only reason for going was so he could later say he had been there. His opinion of the Viet Nam war never changed. He opposed it before he went, while he was there, and after he got home.

Based on that, I'm not surprised that John Kerry recently made the comment to wit that either you are educated, or you serve in Iraq. Mr. Kerry knows he would get almost no respect from American troops if he were still an officer in the US miliary today. That must hurt a bit.

John Kerry is not the first to make an inane comment about the intelligence of American service men and women. When you revile something so badly, and when you are unsatisfied with your own life deep down, you make statements that have no merit.

Everyone in the crowd where John Kerry belittled America's service in Iraq should have booed him--maybe they did, but the video clip I saw didn't give time to see the response.

I agree with President Bush that John Kerry owes us Iraqi veterans an apology. But I don't hold my breath waiting for one. Although, I don't approve of everything President Bush is doing, including the way the war in Iraq is being handled, at least he is not his own number one.

John Kerry's most important person is John Kerry. People who think they are a gift to the world often make stupid comments.


flaggazer said...

Well said...

Mostly the audience gasped - which says a lot about how well it went over in front a group of supporters.

Kerry will NEVER apologize - I'm still waiting for a Winter Soldier Apology - isn't going to happen.

Frank Staheli said...

That's good to hear that the audience gasped. I hope he was at least embarrassed.

Matt said...

I don't care who the person is. A comment like that is inexcusable and an apology should be given. Immediately.

Frank Staheli said...

I agree. It's interesting how many democrats have called for his apology. It's silly that he'd think we'd believe his lame lie as to what he was really trying to say.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who have never read the Winter Soldier stuff, there is a link on my site.

This is a long term position he holds.

Anonymous said...

And why do you all assume it was a lie? The Kerry staff immediately produced a transcript of the speech. You're all contending that they quickly fabricated an alternate version of the speech to cover his gaffe?

Anonymous said...


Who cares about a transcript. If he knew the transcript didn't match what he said, he could have immediately corrected it.

It's just a convenient fallback. It is entirely believable that he created the speech beforehand to cover damage control if anyone called him on his silly deprecation of the troops.

He knew what he was saying. He's said things like that before.

Anonymous said...

Dude, give me the break. He created a script to give him plausible deniability so he could fulfill his primary desire, which was to blurt out an awkward, politically devastating, unfunny joke? He's just that anxious to slander the troops, huh? Man, to buy that, you've really gotta want it.

Anonymous said...

If he hadn't slandered them before, it would be a bit far fetched. In light of historical fact, however... ;-)

The Deseret Spectacle said...

Kerry is a weenie. He is painful to listen to. However, this is a manufactured controversy and despite the Whitehouse claiming to be "saddened" by Kerry's remarks, I think we all know they were absolutely thrilled by them.

In any event, it is November 7th, and it is our right and obligation to participate in the shaping of our Republic.

As such, I would like to thank Frank Staheli and other patriots who, in whatever capacity, help protect our Constitution and the health of our Republic.

Happy November 7th!


Steve Harkonnen said...

John Kerry is a sad disappointment to Americans. His legacy is filled with disappointments and betrayals. I attended the "Kerry Lied while People Died" protest held by the Swift Boat Veterans and Mr. O'Neill in DC just before the elections back in '04. It was an interesting time for me because I saw a lot of vets that day that gathered together to help make sure that traitor didn't get into office.

We have to make another stand if this clown is going to be running for president again. I couldn't help but totally agree with your last words, that Kerry is all about himself.