Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Guantanamo Irony: Part 2

It's not that they're just making a big deal about Guantanamo Bay. It's not just that they're inventing torture that Americans really haven't committed. It's that most of the abuse occurring at Guantanamo is being perpetrated by the detainees.

I wish I had more common sense to realize immediately that a Koran will not fit down a toilet. But I guess in a way, I'm just as ready as Newsweek magazine to chastize Americans for doing something wrong--even when it's not true!!! It took a local radio talk show host to point out the physical impossibility of the thing before I retracted my thought of "Those Guantanamo guards are just the meanest people on earth. After all, it must be true if similar stuff happened at Abu Ghraib"

Allegations of this, that, and the other being perpetrated by the Americans at Guantanamo are based on hearsay and are largely untrue. But what is even worse is that the news media don't spend hardly any time at all highlighting the real violence that is going on there--conducted by the prisoners themselves.
“There is already evidence from Guantanamo that the prisoners there are abusing the guards far worse than any guards have abused these prisoners. Yet our media have no interest in that and have been willing to believe every allegation by these professional terrorists, including the physical absurdity of trying to flush the Koran—or any other book—down a toilet.” —Thomas Sowell
What I've noticed in simple web searches is that in a significant number of instances, stories and pictures purporting to be about Guantanamo torture are either completely about Abu Ghraib, or they are mixtures of innocuous pictures of Guantanamo with pictures indicating torture at Abu Ghraib. What do the so-called Americans who post a lot of these pictures and invent a lot of these stories want? The truth? No. They want to satisfy their lusts by having George W. Bush impeached, and the US Military come home losers.

This is what Guantanamo is all about. Because for the most part, any abuse there is committed by America's enemies. Come to think of it, most reporting done about Guantanamo is done by America's enemies.

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Matt said...

I wish some people (US Military personnel) who have spent time at Guatanamo would come out and tell what it's really like. Like you said, it's physically impossible to flush a normal-sized Quran down the toilet! How much more convincing do people need?

PJ said...

I like the last sentence especially. Well said my friend. Keep up the good work.