Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CNN: Reporting the News or Supporting the Terrorists?

It's bad enough that Islamic terrorists videotape their snipers shooting American servicemen and women. It is unconscionable that an American-based news network would televise such propganda.

Recently, CNN received video footage from Islamic terrorist groups that contained scenes of terrorist snipers killing American service personnel. If CNN's own news crews had collected this video footage, then there may have been a way to construe that such footage was newsworthy. But under no circumstances would a reputable news organization take video footage that could never amount to anything other than propaganda and broadcast it.

The clear intent of the terrorists in producing such video is to demoralize the American people and their allies. Interestingly, instances of such video have been produced nearly from the beginning of the war in 2003. Does it make you wonder why CNN would pick now to put such information on the cable airwaves? Not me. It's election season!!!

I have seen terrorist sniper video footage before, found by military friends on the internet. It is nauseating to watch and disgusting to think they would film their debaucheries. I stopped watching after the first few seconds. The snipers and their cohorts chanting demonically over and over "Allahu Akbar, allhu akbar..." repulsed me. God may be great, but he does not countenance the wanton killing of innocents, including American service men and women, whose job it is to help Iraqis achieve peace and liberty.

A man recently called into the Michael Medved radio talk show and informed the host that his son had been killed by a sniper in Iraq some months ago. They were not sure, but it haunted the man, and obviously more so his wife, that they may have seen their son's death on CNN.

CNN is irresponsible. CNN has been caught up in the wave of moral relativity that has caught hold of the masses of people who at first stand for nothing, and then so often come to stand for the wrong thing as they notice the emptiness in their lives caused by being lukewarm.

In this case CNN is not reporting news (everyone knows that American service men and women die nearly daily in the service of the Iraqi and Afghani people). In this case, rather, CNN's major motivation for airing this disgusting footage is to support the terrorists.


Anonymous said...

Great piece on a disgusting topic.
Hope you got to see Lynne Cheney go after Wolf Blitzer over it - she was outstanding.

I can't imagine the pain this has brought to many parents and families - CNN should be aahamed, but I fear they won't be.

Frank Staheli said...

I heard what Mr. Blitzer (aptly named!) did to her. I don't understand--well actually I do--when people like Mr. Blitzer bring conservatives on their show for one reason (in this case to talk about what's right with America) and then blindside them with thinly disguised hatred.

Elizabeth said...

I agree that this footage was inappropriate for television. However, I find it ironic that Lynne Cheney would complain. It's her husband's regime that wanted to ban pictures of flag-draped coffins--which is the appropriate way to point out how many U.S. soldiers are getting killed.

Frank Staheli said...

It's a very private time for the families of those service members who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I support the Vice President's sentiments that pictures of coffins should not be displayed in the press as a matter of course. This shows more respect to grieving families.

Elizabeth said...

By that calculation, Frank, most photos in newspapers, and most tv coverage, shouldn't exist.

Elizabeth said...

Actually, Frank, I'm not sure your comment makes sense. Did you really mean NO pictures of flag-draped coffins? Not even ones of transport in planes, where the individual coffins aren't identified? I can't see how this would be intruding on a private moment.