Saturday, December 03, 2005

Building the Iraqi Dream

A couple of months ago I visited with a man from Baghdad. He was very friendly to me, but it was his opinion that he wanted the American military to leave Iraq as soon as it was possible for Iraq to protect itself. I have to say that I have the same desire. He told me that he and I are friends, but that he would rather I were in Iraq as a person rather than as a soldier. I expressed my hope that someday I would be able to bring my family to an Iraq that is safe enough to do so. “And I would be glad to invite your family to my home,” he said.

I explained to him that the United States has an abundance of good things because Americans are generally a peace-loving people who can trust each other. I told him that I am here as a soldier to help provide protection and support to the Iraqi people so that they can have the setting to build a similar Iraqi dream.

Yesterday I visited with a man who was very concerned because he doesn’t have the necessities of life where he lives. I asked him if there were Iraqis who would be able to come and build him better water, electrical, and other facilities. “Yes”, he said, "but I cannot guarantee them that it would be 100% safe, so they will not come.” “In nearly every city and town in the United States we do not have this problem,” I explained to him. “This is because nearly everyone in America respects other people’s property and trusts that other people will respect his property.” I told him that I hoped our being here (the United States military) would help bring about a similar level of trust in Iraq so that they can share the same blessings that citizens of the United States enjoy.

I am not sure why the insurgency would want to deny such blessings to the citizens of Iraq.

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