Thursday, December 01, 2005

Patience in Achieving Liberty

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America worked together against a common enemy in achieving their independence from Great Britain. It was not until this independence was achieved that they realized that, even though they agreed on the concept of liberty, they had different ideas on how to preserve this liberty. Why should we expect that Iraqis would not have their own ideas of how to preserve this liberty as well?

It is disingenuous for anyone to claim that we are forcing our US Constitution upon the Iraqis. Our Constitution was motivated greatly by Judeo-Christian values; theirs will rightly be influenced by Islam. All are great religions, but each approaches the concept of right versus wrong from slightly difference perspectives. I see no problem with this. I feel that the United States is simply aiding Iraqis in their ability to achieve their liberty as best they see fit, and a United States Constitution will not fit the Iraqi way of life. It is up to Iraqis to determine how they will safeguard their liberties, with our protection and consultation as they deem appropriate.

There is one concept in all of this that is universal. People everywhere yearn to be free to think, to choose, and to do as best they see fit for themselves and their families. “Cutting bait and running” now would be one of the great travesties of world history. A remarkable light is about to dawn. It is worth our patience as the light of liberty gestates in this part of the earth.

An Iraqi man was recently asked, “Would you like the Americans to leave Iraq?” “Yes, I want you to leave,” he replied, “maybe in fifty years when we have learned to take care of ourselves.” I don’t think it will take nearly that long, but it has taken much longer than it might otherwise have, because those who know little or nothing aid and abet the insurgency with their ill-thought and ill-timed comments.

The transfiguration of a society from one of despotism to one of freedom rarely happens in a day. Even the United States of America, the country which enjoys the greatest freedoms in all the world (and is thus the most prosperous) required several years before its independence was not only won, but stabilized. The Soviet Union has been progressing toward greater freedom since the mid-1980’s and still has a ways to go. Therefore, just because the attempt at freedom in Iraq is already 2 and a half years old gives us no reason to despair. Often if the big mouths would keep their big mouths shut, success would be lasting and better publicized.

Many, many good things are happening here in Iraq, which unfortunately are not being reported nearly often enough in the media. Why???

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Mishaun said...

Frank, I think you are doing a wonderful job!!!! If only everyone had the positive attitude and respect for others that you do, just think what a wonderful world we would live in. We love you. Mishaun