Saturday, December 03, 2005

Who is to Blame?

I visited with an Iraqi man yesterday, who observed that two years or so ago, when the Americans first came to Iraq, there was much less animosity between the Iraqis and Americans than there is now. We still have a somewhat good relationship, he felt, but not as good as it once was, when once upon a time the soldiers would take off their body armor and play soccer with the youth, unafraid of the possibly lurking insurgent sniper.

The negative difference between then and now is fault of the insurgency. <>

Question: If the relationship between the Iraqis and Americans was better before the insurgency through propaganda swelled its ranks with people from all over the Middle East and elsewhere, what does this tell you about the poisonous nature of the insurgency? Americans and peace-loving Iraqis must stand together to root out the cancer in our midst.

There is one time when it is important to fight, even to the death. When someone or something, whose goal it is to rule over us with an iron fist, seeks destroy our liberty, whether it be a Hussein, a bin Laden, or an al Zarqawi, it is important to fight to defend our families and the liberty that God intends for us to have.

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