Monday, December 19, 2005

Helping a Stranded Motorist

I reported the tow strap from my humvee as missing today. I should be able to get another one fairly easily.

On our way back from a patrol mission, we came across several men in two vehicles that were having problems with one of them. He explained to me that their was water and oil everywhere in the engine compartment of one of the vehicles. I finally understood that he was looking for a rope to tow the broken down vehicle with the vehicle that was still in tact.

It finally dawned on me that we had a tow strap on the front of our humvee (every humvee has one) and the army wouldn't miss it nearly as bad as it would help these men. So we gave them our tow strap and they were delighted at our willingness to help. Soon they were back on their way down the road, smiles on their faces.

It may not be much, but a whole bunch of small things will help the Iraqis understand that most Americans care about them very much and are willing to be of service to them every chance we get.

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