Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cautious Optimism About Upcoming Elections

The bulk of the Iraqi voters will head to the polls tomorrow (December 15th), but already, positive signs are indicating that it will be a positive election.

Iraqis living abroad are voting in much greater numbers than in the January elections. There has been significant drop in violence in most areas over the last few weeks. News stories show candidates going door to door in formerly violent areas campaigning and encouraging people to vote for them. And hundreds of Sunni clerics who encouraged a boycott of the January elections and the October referendum are encouraging their followers to vote tomorrow.

I pray often for the success of the Iraqi people at achieving liberty and plenty. Tomorrow may be a turning point of success in the history of Iraq. But even if the elections are a resounding success, the insurgency has no plans of giving up. So I will continue to pray that the Iraqis can continue to build their dream. And I hope you will remember them in your prayers as well.

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