Saturday, December 03, 2005

Which Part of Iraq did al Zarqawi Grow up In?

The answer: he grew up in Jordan. Abu Mousab Al Zarqawi is NOT an Iraqi. So what is he doing here? Many think it would be best if he went home. The problem is, many Jordanians do not share this view. As a result of recent murders in Jordan masterminded by al Qaeda, Zarqawi's home country does not welcome him, having developed the same negative view of his insane fanaticism as have most other Muslims around the world. His indiscriminate targeting of civilians and peacekeepers indicate that he has little love for much more than himself. <>

I recently met a man from Jordan, whose good friend lived near to Zarqawi at one time. According to this man’s friend, Zarqawi was not a good Muslim. He did not attend the mosque, he did not pray, he drank alcoholic beverages to excess, and he treated women with disdain, to include sexual debauchery. Only when Zarqawi became hateful of the United States and things western did he pretend to be a good Muslim, with a similar pretense of having the best motives for Islam and the Iraqi people. I suspect that those who know Zarqawi would still say that he is not a good Muslim.

If Zarqawi is not a good Muslim, why are the insurgents siding with him and fighting against peace-loving Iraqis? It is my opinion that Zarqawi is seeking for nothing more than power and personal aggrandizement. He has promised his followers that they will receive some of this power if they are successful in overthrowing the Iraqi dream. He has a perfect knowledge of his fraudulent attempt to be a leader among good Muslims--because he is not one.

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